Ickesburg Sportsmen’s Association, Inc.


Each year, a minimum of $200.00 will be awarded to a qualifying applicant.


1.  Applicant must be a member, child of a member, or a grandchild of a member.

 2.  Applicant must be enrolled in a college.

 3. Applicant must be entering a field of study relating to forestry, the environment, willdlife, conservation or related field.  Final decision on qualifying field will be made by the selection committee.  All decisions are final.

 4. Applicant may be a senior in high school, or a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college.

 The selection committee will consist of 3 officers or directors of the Ickesburg Sportsmen’s Association.  

Applications may be obtained by contacting any of the officers or directors of the Ickesburg Sportsmen’s Association (See phone numbers on officers' page) or on line by clicking here.  Completed applications must be sent to the Ickesburg Sportsmen’s Association, PO Box 175, Ickesburg, PA 17037.  Deadline for entry is April 15, 2018.  The recipients will be notified at the high school awards ceremony in the recipient’s home school.  In the case of home schooling, you will be notified by letter at your home address.  Funds will be mailed to the recipient upon successful completion of one semester of study and enrollment for the following semester.  Proof of completion and enrollment must be mailed to the above address and should consist of a copy of grade transcript and enrollment for the next semester.